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Join ‘Windrush Strikes Back’ and become a ‘Decolonial Detective’
We are looking for people on a voluntary basis who are aged 18+, with an interest in researching the presence and perspectives of African Caribbean people and their entangled histories of the Caribbean throughout historic Warwickshire (Coventry, Birmingham and surrounding areas), from the Tudors to the Windrush and beyond.

The aim of this project is to "speak to the needs and aspirations of the community," and to provide interventions and challenges to the field on issues of inclusivity. The project and its output is not just concerned with history that has been produced, but the process and politics of its production. The project is funded by the European Cultural Foundation and the Innovation Fund, University of Warwick.

What is a Decolonial Detective?

We will work with members of Warwickshire, Coventry, and Birmingham’s African Caribbean communities to develop skills to conduct oral and archival research of British African Caribbean histories in these areas, including uncovering the pre-Windrush histories that link the region and its peoples to Britain's colonial past – a 'glocal' history.

What does it involve?

Decolonial Detectives will be required to attend a series of training sessions on archival research, conducting oral histories and collecting qualitative and quantitative data.
Decolonial Detectives will also take part in various activities aimed at dismantling colonial stories and engaging local communities and other historians.

How long for?

- February until July 2019.
- Our Decolonial Detectives will have to be available for selected dates and times throughout this period.

What's in it for me?

- Development of research skills
- Mentorship
- We will cover your travel costs
- You will recieve a training certificate and a reference for future jobs.

An important part of decolonising the histories of Warwickshire involves the sharing of personal histories and the collection of various material that can help form part of the community archive. If you are part of the Windrush Generations consider supporting the project by sharing your history with us. For more information head over to our contact page